My First Blog Post

Being average is a good thing.

Ok, so this is SO exciting; my very first post!  I’m so full of excitement that I don’t even know where to start this blog post.  So I apologize now if it is a bit rambling; I promise I’ll do my best to avoid that.  As you may have seen on my About page, I decided to make my first post about being average and why I think it is a good thing.

Nowadays it seems like a girl, or even a guy, can’t look at a magazine, tv commercial, or Instagram advertisement without being told they need to get longer eyelashes, lose weight, make more money, get this luxury item, or some other ideal of perfect in society.  Society is putting so much pressure on everyone to be perfect, but why?  All it is doing is making us crazy and ultimately unhappy since it tells us that we are never good enough.

Just under a year ago I made the decision to move to the UP (the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) from the suburbs of Chicago to be with my fiancé and his daughter.  It was with this move that I found that being average is a good thing.

This move allowed me to evaluate my life and focus on what was truly important to me.  It was with this reevaluation that I decided I was tired of trying to be society’s idea of perfect and that I just wanted to be my average self.  After this decision, I found myself so much happier and actually being a better person.

I stopped focusing all my attention on trying to be perfect that I actually took time to care for other people.  I started volunteering for a youth robotics organization, remember math and science rock, started saving money instead of buying a fancy new purse I didn’t need and adding to my credit card debt, and started taking care of my health.

I realize that I went pretty extreme and changed my whole life, but I think even if we just accept a small piece of our average selves; we might be surprised at the change we see in the world.  So I challenge you all this week to focus on accepting one average thing about yourself and see if you noticed a change in yourself or your community.  And don’t panic, your acceptance doesn’t have to be life altering, it could be just deciding not to buy this week’s fashionable purse or having an extra scoop of ice cream tonight because you don’t mind that little bat wing you have, heck you don’t even have to participate in the challenge, it’s all up to you.

Average not Perfect

Author: justanothergirlbloggingherlife

Your Average Girl, Blogging About Her Average Life

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