My Second Blog Post

New Year, New Me?


Ok so it has been forever since my first post, but in all fairness during that time we had Christmas and New Years which meant tons of traveling to see family and friends and not a ton of time to blog.  Although I did think about all of you and I sincerely hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

With that it means it’s that time of year, New Years.  The time of year everyone talks about everything they don’t like about themselves and vow to make some radical life change that is going to make them this new person they have always wanted to be.

We’ve all done this and lets face it, if we are lucky we last one week making these changes, but usually it lasts a day.  Then we spend the rest of the week justifying to ourselves why it was ok to cheat that one time and never get back on track to making that change.   So why do we keep putting this stress on ourselves?  I can’t answer that question for sure; if I could I’m sure I could make millions.  🙂  My best guess it has something to do with my last blog post about being perfect.  Does this mean that we shouldn’t make a change in our lives?  No!  It just means make realistic goals.

The best example I can give about this is what I’m trying to do with getting healthier this year.  Instead of saying that I’m never going to drink another soda or eat junk food ever again, which I know will never work cause I’m a fat girl who loves a Coke and dessert, I decided to focus on one meal a day to be healthy for the first month.  I even told myself it doesn’t have to be the same meal everyday.  Like yesterday, I had biscuits and gravy for breakfast so I knew that I needed to eat a healthy lunch or dinner to keep with my goal,  so I got a sub sandwich instead of greasy fast food with the rest of my family while we were out running errands.  It was so nice to feel good about meeting my goal without having to starve myself of the food I love.

I think by making small changes throughout the year instead of all in the first month I will better and more realistically be able to meet my goal of getting healthier.  I think this will also help me to make this change life long versus just treating it more of a diet and keeping to this for x number of days, weeks, or months.

So lets do this together, lets pick something we want to change this year and break it up into little goals and help one another.  I’m going to put my rough goals below, but may change them as life progresses because well life is ever changing.  I’ll post updates to how I am doing in future blogs, but I’m not going to make that my main focus.  I want my main focus to be life as a whole not just getting healthier because there are already a million of blogs for that out there and if that is what you were wanting to read you would read those.



  • January: Focus on making one meal healthy.  Add exercise as schedule allows.
  • February: Focus on making two meals healthy and make time for regular exercise.
  • March: Continue focusing on making two meals healthy and start regular exercise routine, like take a class or follow strength training program.
  • April: Focus on making three meals healthy and continue exercise from March.
  • May-December: To Be Determined.  That’s months away and I’m sure life will change between now and then.